Medical Equipment Manufacturer in India

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s largest healthcare firms, boasting an estimated annual income of nearly $54 billion and being globally renowned.

Following his studies in the USA, he returned home with a distinct plan and founded an award-winning medical device company. Combining technical knowledge, research expertise, and business acumen, he drives innovation at every turn.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer in India

Evox Group

Evox Group, a division of Ess Pee Enterprises, is an industry-leading Indian healthcare company specializing in medical devices/ equipment and rehabilitation products backed by highly qualified and experienced personnel from healthcare.

Evox Mobility Aids specializes in designing and producing state-of-the-art electric wheelchairs that combine innovation with functionality to give users greater mobility and independence. Their advanced wheelchairs can easily be navigated by those with limited mobility or physical disabilities, and Evox’s top-tier mobility aids have transformed lives!

Poly Medicure

Poly Medicure is a medical equipment manufacturer specializing in disposable healthcare products for hospitals and home use. They hold an impressive presence worldwide, and their product portfolio includes central venous access catheters, anesthesia disposables, infusion sets, gastroenterology tubes, blood bags and administration sets, urine bags, surgery wound drainage products and dialysis disposables – in addition to producing pediatric items like mucus extractors and umbilical cord clamps.

Polymed’s products are sold worldwide through its sales team and distributors, with particular strength in Europe, the Middle East, and India. Manufacturing facilities can be found in India’s Faridabad, Haridwar, and Jaipur. In contrast, an additional facility in China meets Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification by both the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and EN ISO 13485:2016 certification bodies.

The management team at our company is passionate about producing high-quality medical products that can benefit patients around the globe. They believe providing premium medical equipment is integral to improving patient outcomes and cutting costs; thus, they work tirelessly to ensure our products use only top materials manufactured using cutting-edge technology.

Poly Medicure takes pride in its commitment to environmental sustainability. They have embraced a net-zero carbon initiative, which will reduce their energy usage and waste by 30 per cent, and they are working toward replacing cooling towers with STP water and minimizing their HT line fault.

Fitch has assigned this company an investment grade rating of A-, signifying its stable financial future. This can be seen from their assets being well diversified with minimal risk-return profiles, their debt-to-equity ratio being low, and their revenue increasing steadily thanks to the growth of the Indian medical device industry.

JK Medirise

JK Medirise provides an extensive selection of surgical and medical devices manufactured according to stringent international quality standards and designed with user comfort in mind. They are one of India’s premier suppliers of medical and surgical equipment such as catheters, haemostatic tubes, needles, blood collection tubes and much more; also offering services in urology, respiratory and general surgery as well as providing complete urological supplies packages for hospitals as well as individual patients.

Their products include blood pressure monitoring systems and portable electrocardiograms that are easy to use and suitable for any environment. Their staff has been specially trained to deliver exceptional client services; they will assist in finding you the appropriate product based on your requirements.

JK Medirise provides more than just medical equipment production and exportation; they have a dedicated research and development team working on new medical technologies, designing, prototyping, testing, and delivering products promptly.

Working at JK Medirise Near Rajpath Club Bodakdev can present both advantages and challenges, yet overall, it is an exceptional workplace. They offer competitive salaries and benefits along with an engaging culture. In addition, their user-friendly platforms enable business growth for manufacturers, producers, dealers, and distributors of all types; you also gain digital exposure for targeting an appropriate target audience with your services or products.


Quality in healthcare is of utmost importance, whether it’s medical equipment or supplies. Companies must offer high-quality products while following infection prevention safety procedures and providing post-sale customer support and technical understanding to customers after purchase. Furthermore, maintenance should also be performed to avoid lawsuits and other legal problems. Thankfully, numerous top medical disposable manufacturers in India offer quality products at affordable prices; to find out which is the best, speak to a biomedical technician or do some online research.

India has many top medical disposables manufacturers located throughout various regions, all with one goal: providing top-quality surgical and medical items at competitive prices. These manufacturers work alongside hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical centres, and diagnostic laboratories – their products are designed to meet these specific requirements and guarantee patient safety.

Dhoni is a premier manufacturer of Ayurvedic treatment equipment, such as dhara tables and vessels. Crafted from medicinal woods seasoned with oil to prevent cracking, they feature hand-carved floral designs with brass decorations and inter-tied legs – and come in various styles and finishes.

Ayurved treatment requires several specific ingredients, including oil and milk, that therapists must know how to use for effective results. They must understand their patient’s medical condition and which ingredients work best based on this understanding. Patients typically lie on traditional ayurvedic tables called dhonis with hanging vessels holding herbal mixtures such as Dravya to receive this therapy.

The dhoni is connected to an electrical steam generator known as a Sweden Yanthram that heats water and steams the body. This device features an electric heater, pressure gauge and safety pressure valve and is insulated against overheating to maintain comfort for both user and patient alike. This arrangement ensures a cool experience during treatment for all.


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