ashik mridha a young Bangladeshi author

Ashik MridhaAshik Mridha, a young Bangladeshi author, is quite popular on social media. He has more than 10,000 followers. Day by day his popularity is increasing. The book “Ashikk Meanss Lovee” published in the online book store, he got quite a popularity from this book. He loves to serve people and loves to socialize. Ashik said, “I want to love people. In exchange for my love, people should talk to me, stay with me.”He said about the bookAs there were many happy days in Ashik’s life, there were also many sad days. He thinks that there is happiness even in hardship. He said, “You have to suffer if you are true, if you want someone’s good, you can suffer but that will be a test for you, you should love people, appreciate them. There are various social books, you should read them and encourage others to read them.Ashik’s dreamAshik’s dream is to achieve leadership since childhood. Because he likes to lead. When he was asked about this, he said, “If you give a lead, not only a person becomes a leader, but there is a lot of education in the lead. If you give a lead, you can learn as well as you can teach others.” Again he says, “I love leading because you can learn all the skills to present yourself.”What Ashik said about the rumoursWe get updates in online mix of truth and falsehood. Sometimes true information as false and sometimes false information as true, this is how the online platform is running. Ashik said, “Whenever we see any trending news online, we will monitor it and inform the authorities for confirmation. Besides, there are various pages and websites that monitor true and false news online. We will take their help.”Addressed to everyoneAshik wants to love and give good advice to everyone. Because he thinks that it is good to see others smile and happy, and it is more when he hears that he is the reason for the laughter. Greetings and salutations to all from Ashik Mridha.

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