What Are the Characters Names in CoComelon?

It is a challenging task to teach a toddler but in the technology-driven era, it is quite simple. You can find numerous apps, channels, and websites that help to teach your kids playfully. Coco melon is one of them. It is a YouTube channel that teaches kids differently so that kids are never bored of learning new things. Do you know all the cocomelon character names? If not, then stay with the article to learn about coco melon characters and how they help to learn.

Cocomelon Characters Name

Cocomelon is an American YouTube channel designed to teach kids playfully and fluently. This is a series of 3D animated videos where nursery rhymes, numbers, different colors, etc are taught in a singing approach.

All the video is centered around a cocomelon character named J J and their friends whose adventurous trips delight kids and help them learn. Are you familiar with characters and their cocomelon names? If not, then do not worry. Here you will receive adequate information about their characters.

1. J J

JJ  is the prominent character of the video series. He always smiles, is eager to learn new things, and is ready to help anyone. He always attempts and tries until he succeeds.

2. YoYo

YoYo is a brave and creative girl character who resolves any problems quickly. She is the sister of J J and loves to have fun with his brother and Tom Tom.

3. Tom Tom

TomTom is the elder brother of J J and is always ready to help their siblings and likes to learn new things with them.

4. Bingo

Bingo is the family pet and is a little smart, friendly puppy. He loves his coco melon family.

5. Dad

Dad loves his family unconditionally and prioritizes them before anything. He is sweet, caring and always takes his family on adventurous trips.

6. Mom

Mom has three kids yet she enjoys life and is never afraid of facing challenges.

7. Ms Appleberry

Ms Appleberry is the favorite teacher with vast patience, makes a happy environment for her class, and loves to sing.

8. Cody

Cody is the best friend of J J and his favorite subjects are science and dinosaur animals.

9. Cece

Cece admires dancing and her favorite dance form is ballet. She is energetic, astute, and little spins on being delighted.

10. Nina

Nina enjoys playing and roaming with her friends and her favorite color is yellow.

11. Bella

Bella is of a little shy and artistic nature and loves unicorns, rainbows, painting, and drawing.  

12. Nico

Nico is the trustworthy friend and noisy of the group and wants to be in the limelight of any action.

Now, you are familiar with all characters and their coco melon names. so enjoy the learning phase of your kids.

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