Easy and Verified Steps for Publishing an eBook 

The eBook industry follows and has an undecided track, at times you may find eBook sales on down road. However, eBooks have an advantage over traditional printed books. Readers also find it easier to read and get their hands on. 

It comes with premium benefits, has an added bonus of royalties, and is much higher than print books. eBooks have become a multi-million-dollar industry, and in this digital world creating an eBook is no-brainer, but an easy place to start. Let’s get on board to understand the nitty-gritty of eBook self-publishing. 

Are you aware of Self-Publishing? 

Self-publishing is an act of publication by helping yourself without the help of a publication house. eBook is a growing industry, and the entire industry looks after such editing, design, and other work of art in their work. 

The author who publishes their book, or content has control over their rights, and books. They can control royalties, and copyrights, and have the right over the publishing process. Although, the books are published on their money and published on certain platforms such as Amazon KDP, and others. 

The History and Emergence of Self-Publishing 

You are already aware of the concept of self-publication. Now, take a look at the history and how self-publication emerged on the block. Traditional book printing emerged back in 1440. It was a breakthrough for the industry, but later on, it shaped a more cohesive industry. With the emergence of digitalization, and globalization, the industry transferred to online publication and revolutionized into hassle-free methods. 

Technology has brought a powerful turn and people now are learning how to publish eBooks through the self-publication process. Traditional publishers are now becoming a sidelined business and this is evident from their choices. The estimated market of self-publication has reached 26 billion in the past years. Moreover, in 2023 eBook sales were projected to reach $14 billion in revenue, and a penetration of 12.8%. Another prediction for the year 2028 is that global eBook sales will reach $30 billion. 

These whopping numbers are not going to come down, so what idea does it give you? 

Publish an eBook? Well, yes so let’s learn how to publish an eBook through a strategic pattern in publishing a book. 

The Process of Self-Publication: How to Publish eBook on Online Platforms 

Get Done with Your Book 

The road to self-publication begins with a self-foundational journey. Invest your time in brainstorming, researching, and writing a well-seasoned book. Create a draft work on it rigorously, and run it through multiple rounds of editing, and flawless content. A book manuscript has to be cohesive, and structured to keep readers interested and consistent. Work on other matters of the books such as layouts, schemes, and styles, that suit best according to your book genre. These attributes in book publication create a seamless route. 

Decide with Your Publishing Programs 

Another crucial matter that is very necessary for eBooks’ success is choosing the publication platform. You will find numerous publishing platforms like Amazon KDP, and Amazon is your biggest outlet for selling books. They also have a third platform Kindle. So, you can also enroll on Kindle. They are a paid service of 90 days. You can also choose among their different programs and plans. 

Pick a Book Cover 

People always judge a book by its cover. Even the experts from different ghostwriting services have this opinion. This applies really well in eBooks due to their size, and ask a graphic designer to make a cover for you. Book design may look easy, but it is not. Let the professionals do their job because they know what they are doing. 

Format Your Book

Have you done the book formatting? Well, you need to do it now. Book formatting is a key to creating a successful book online as an unformatted book does not align. A sloppy book will have an instantly bad review. Take time to format a book, or ask the professionals. Some authors like to have control over their books and format themselves, however, this is a steep learning curve.  

Upload Your Book 

You can upload your book on Kindle by following their process, once you have entered the account, you may enter all the necessary credentials, like about the author, payment, tax information, and other information. Read through the lines about publishing rights, Amazon categories, and Kindle details.

Market Your Book 

Make the best use of marketing when you have to sell the books. You will need to spend time often on marketing. When Amazon set up the author’s central page, it is an easy way to get visibility. Set up a book launch team, ask for reviews, and testimonials, and get your chance for promotion. 

So, here is your guide on how to publish an eBook by utilizing online tools like Amazon KDP. 

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