Complete Guide To Turn Off App Store Verification Required

Usually, downloading and updating a new application on your mobile phone is a simple process but, when you see the irritating message ‘verification required’ continuously popping up on your screen, it is obvious that you will be troubled and irritated. 

It is very common on a number of devices as there are many people who see the message ‘verification required app store’ while downloading a new application and if you are looking for a method to stop this irritating pop-up on your mobile screens then, you do not need to worry anymore. 

In the article, we are sharing the information that you require when you wish to get rid of this message on your screen when downloading free applications from the App Store. 

What is the meaning of ‘Verification Required’ on your iPhone?

The first thing that you need to know before we delve into the steps that will help you resolve the issue is to understand the meaning of the problem and the root cause for the same.

App store verification required is an error that many people face on their mobile phones while downloading a new application. This particular message asks you to verify your payment information even though you are downloading a free application and this stops the installation of the app on your mobile phone. 

If you wish to enjoy seamless downloads on your iPhone, you need to make sure that you are not facing this error on your mobile phone any longer. We are also going to mention the main reasons why you face the error on your iPhone:

  1. You have not used your Apple ID to download applications. 
  2. Error with the current payment method linked with your Apple ID
  3. Insufficient funds or unpaid balance in your Apple ID
  4. The payment method that you are using is not supported by the application 
  5. You are using a Family Sharing account but your Apple account is restricted.

What is the process to resolve “Verification Required” on your iPhone?

Now, if you are looking for the methods that you can use for how to turn off verification required on app store then, make use of the methods that we are mentioning here. 

Solution 1: Choose a Valid Payment Method for your Apple ID

If you are using your Apple ID for the first time then, you are required to enter a payment method in the application. You do not need to pay however, you are required to provide the information to download the applications that you want. 

Solution 2: Change or Update the Apple ID Payment Method 

If you already have a payment method entered into your device, you can try to change the payment method so that you do not see the ‘verification required’ message on the screen of your device. It is possible that your debit or credit card has expired and this is why you need to update your information so that your device can accept that information. 

Apart from this, you also need to make sure that there are no unpaid subscriptions left that you need to pay. 

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