Chegg: A Name of Great Educational Business Model

Chegg is an online service that helps students with homework, textbooks, tutoring and more. Chegg aims to improve learning and learning outcomes for students and lifelong learners.

It offers various products and services for academic and career development. If you often think about how to become a Chegg Expert, then this blog consists of all the required information that you must know.

What does Chegg do and How does Chegg make money?

There are two categories of service and product

·      Subscription Service

Chegg study pack is a bundle of online services. It includes Chegg Study, Chegg Writing, Chegg Math and Busuu. It is a major source of revenue for Chegg. If we go by the online Chegg Reviews, then the services it offers are highly appreciated among students and their parents.

Ø Chegg study provide textbook solutions and expert answers

Ø Chegg Writing provides writing tools and feedback

Ø Chegg Math provides math solver and calculator

Ø Busuu provides language lessons and practice

·      Skills and other

Chegg also offers skill-based learning, advertising and other educational offerings. These services generate revenues from employers, partners and brands.

How Does Chegg Work?

·      Technology and Platform Integration

Chegg uses advanced technology to help students with their learning needs. Chegg uses AI, Cloud and mobile technologies to provide personalized, scalable and efficient solutions.

Chegg’s technology platform consist of five key elements:

Ø Personalization and Merchandising Technology

Ø Infrastructure and Applications

Ø Mobile solutions

Ø Programmatic Advertising

Ø Data Sourcing and Content Graph Technology

·      Sales and Marketing Strategy

Chegg uses different marketing strategies to attract and retain students and brands. Chegg uses brand and performance marketing, content flywheel, email marketing and direct sales to promote its product and services. So lets see how you can become chegg expert. Chegg expert is teacher that help student to understand concept easily.

How To Become Chegg Expert?

Becoming a Chegg Expert allows you to help thousands of students with their academic questions while earning money. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Sign up as a Chegg Study contributor on the Chegg website. You will need to provide details about your educational qualifications and expertise.
  • Take Chegg’s online assessments to demonstrate your subject matter knowledge. Different topics have different assessment requirements.
  • Once you pass the assessments, you can start answering questions posted by Chegg users. Make sure to provide detailed and well-researched responses within the given time.
  • Maintain a high approval rating from students based on the quality and clarity of your answers. Chegg regularly reviews experts’ performance.
  • Continually expand your expertise across various topics over time to stay a go-to name for students seeking academic assistance.
  • Good communication skills, patience and dedication are keys to standing out as a reliable Chegg Expert.


Chegg has truly established itself as a pioneer in the educational technology sector. Starting as an online textbook rental company more than a decade ago, Chegg saw the growing needs of students and expanded its offerings to include online tutoring, homework help and test preparation services. 

By focusing on improving learning outcomes and making education more affordable and accessible, Chegg has helped millions of students worldwide. Its innovative business model demonstrates how technology can be leveraged to transform traditional industries for the better. With continuous innovation, exceptional customer service and high-quality learning resources, Chegg is well positioned to remain the most trustworthy source of help for students far into the future. It is setting a shining example of how education can be reimagined through an entrepreneurial and student-first approach.

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