‘Adventures with Purpose’ founder Jared Leisek inexplicable tale 

A widely famous and true crime YouTube channel “Adventures With Purpose” founder Jared Leisek was born September-16-1975 at United States. His birth sign is Virgo. Jared Leisek and her wife Kristin, were their high school sweetheart. In 1995, they both graduated from the same high school together, and they got married the same year. They have two children together. He has a sister named Chessica Mae Leisek. Before getting fame He launched his YouTube channel named ‘Adventures with Purpose’ in July 2018 in which the group began work as an environmentalist and their mission was to remove cars that were polluting the waterways but at that time they didn’t intend to solve cold cases. After that, people began calling the group for missing persons and cold cases, hoping to get answers. AWP has solved 26 missing person cold cases to date by harnessing sonar technology to dredge up sunken vehicles and drowning victims since 2019. 

His love story and Profession 

Jared Leisek and her wife Kristin, were their high school sweetheart. They both graduated from the same high school together in 1995 and got married the same year. According to Jared Leisek, he put together an application to date him, which he printed out and handed out to approximately 20 girls. Among one of them, Kristin, who filled out that form with perfect answers along with the lipstick lip print she left and the perfume scent she sprayed on the application. It took three months to convince her to go on their first date after realizing she’d filled out the application as a joke.Since that, they’ve been together. 

Jared Leisek is a content creator and social media influencer who is famous for his underwater recovery and search videos. He has created his YouTube channel named “Adventures with Purpose” He has more than 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel for his scuba diving videos. Jared Leisek along with his teammates solve mysteries and works with local communities and searches and rescues the missing and misled people during the discovery and their journey and they give a good impact on society. 

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Alleged of child-rape case ‘KIELY RODNI’ 

Jared Leisek was accused of his own crimes when his scuba diving team found the body of missing teen Kiely Rodni in September. Last, she was seen in August in a party at Prosser Family Campground in Truckee. The next morning, Placer County Sheriff’s Office shared a post about her being missing. Few days later,Adventures with Purpose said they found her car and a body in Prosser Creek Reservoir and the officer confirmed the person found inside the vehicle was Kiely Rodni. The cause of death was an accident. According to the documents, Jared

Leisek had sexual intercourse with her in 1992 and accused of raping his cousin “Kiely Rodni” when she was 10 and he was a teenager. According to jail records, Jared Leisek was arrested on January 5 in Utah on suspicion of child rape charges. Though he was initially charged with two child rapes against the same victim. First was in her bedroom and second was at the same year at a grandparent’s house. His complaint was filed by the prosecutor in Nov 2022 and Jared Leisek was arrested in January. Judicial District Court for Sanpete County, says he was seven-years-older than her at the time rape . In Utah there is not any statute of limitations for child rape. Jared Leisek apologies for actions that he vaguely referred to as the mistakes made in the past and those actions as a youth. And he had made peace in his life with all things bad including this, he wrote that Thank God we are not forever judged for our actions as youth and I am grateful that many of our cousins acknowledged and stopped criticizing for those sins which happened between us and those sins we committed in past. 


What happened with Jared Leisek? 

On November 2022, Jared Leisek was arrested on suspicion child-rape charges, committed in 1992 Utah with his cousin. Though he was initially charged with two child rapes against the same victim named “Kiely Rodni”. When she was just 10 year old and he was a teenager. The court also states in the documents that a 10-year-old child cannot consent to sexual intercourse in Utah. 

Who is the creator of Adventures with Purpose? 

In 2019, Sam Ginn and Jared Leisek created Adventures with Purpose for removing cars that were polluting waterways. 

What crimes is Jared Leisek being charged with? 

According to the complain, in 1992 Jared Leisek allegedly raped (Kiely Rodni) his cousin twice in Utah. Though he was initially charged with two child rape against the same victim. The incident happened in her room and in grandparents ‘ home. But, the state has no statute of limitations for sex crimes against children. 


The journey of Jared Leisek has been one of interesting tales. Because every great journey is incomplete without its challenges and his journey reflected his hard work and provided a glimpse into the mind of a visionary leader. After accusations against Leisek emerged, several members including Bishop, diver Nick Rinn, and lead videographer Josh Cantu announced their resignations in video statements on YouTube, and said they wouldn’t work with AWP. After a few months Jared Leisek announced they are on a 3-month tour with a new team of divers and filmmakers and the team will continue dealing with cold cases. Adventures with Purpose has solved many cold cases and now they will also cooperate with other teams with the same purpose, such as Exploring with Nug and Chaos Divers. Last but not least, it’s not just a story; it’s a living testament to the extraordinary things that happen when passion meets action.

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